January 23, 2016


DigitalGlobe is an American commercial vendor of space imagery and geospatial content, and operator of civilian remote sensing spacecraft_

Since meeting with DigitalGlobe in 2013, 米6体育平台推荐app has produced bespoke units and stands for a variety of shows across Europe and the Middle East.

Their stand-alone pod system has seen over ten shows in three years and is still going strong! Recently having been on a lengthy road show, exhibiting in France, Spain and Portugal.

米6体育平台推荐app also manages the installation of DigitalGlobe’s own event; DigitalGlobe Engage. An annual show, Engage  2016, seeing another expansion in the AV department by two 184” video walls, as well as twelve free-standing independent demo stations. Allowing DigitalGlobe partners the ability to showcase their companies within a conference environment_

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